LOW NOISE DISPLAYS Enhance your display with our New Flame Firing System

Our new and unique Dancing Flames machine is computer controlled for extreme accuracy. It fires 30ft columns of flames in various configurations that we can synchronise to music or simply use to enhance your firework display.

We use an environmentally friendly alcohol based fuel for safety, which is odourless and virtually smoke free.

For venues that exclude fireworks for their noise, debris and lack of space, this is the perfect solution; completely silent, no debris and only a safety distance of 10 meters is required.

Why not add this special 'wow factor' to your show, please contact us for details.

We can also quote you for a fully choreographed flame display to your choice of music (maximum 4 minutes).

Low noise firework Displays lend themselves perfectly to music - why not let us quote you for a pyro musical - you choose the music and we will choreograph it for you!

All prices exclude VAT and a 10% deposit is required to secure your booking.

Please note durations are approximate.
Packages may vary depending on weather conditions and venue.

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